Launched 20th December 2016

Welcome to this new site to celebrate Haitian creativity and talent. As the site is new, please e-mail us if you have any feedback

Enjoy your journey.

Jean-Marc Flambert

About us

I have been promoting tourism to Haiti and have watched as people leave with several items of art for themselves and friends. When Hurricane Mathew was hitting Haiti in October 2016, I decided to help Haitian artists rebuild their lives by asking my friends to buy some art. A trip to collect these items made me realised that Haiti is littered with art on the streets and we need to provide a sustainable outlet for them.

Join me in trade not aid as the best way to help Haiti and support Haitians in rebuilding Haiti. I want to provide an opportunity believe in trade not aid: buying Haitian art will raise the income and living standard of Haitian artists.

Mesi anpil (thank you very much)

Jean-Marc Flambert

A Haitian / Sri Lankan living in London